Sunday, 1 January 2017


Resolutions. Something so many of us across the globe bring in the New Year with and usually just as quickly as they are made, they can also be broken.  I am completely new to blogger and not experienced at writing much at all, so you may ask why I want to start a blog at all and why I feel the new year is the best time to properly do this.

Well… being a teenager in today’s world is hard and currently I’m ready to explode with words, questions and emotion. The internet at times can be a very dark place that people often hide away from but I know that the internet can also be full of positivity and inspiration and that’s what I want for us. All I ask is for a small corner of the internet where people feel they can come together and really relate and feel comfortable in a society made by us. Maybe I’ll never get any readers, maybe I’ll get more than I would ever expect, but if this blog creates a haven even if just for me, I will know I have achieved something for myself.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Probably one of the most hyped about liquid lipsticks of the year and the one no one can have missed. The Kylie lip kits, Whether you hate or love Kylie Jenner is totally down to preference, but no one can deny the huge success which has come with the launch of her cosmetics company. From liquid lipsticks, to lip glosses, to eye shadow palettes, there is nothing this girl isn't willing to achieve. Her ambition to sell great cosmetics has certainly been a key part of the success, but are her products as good as hyped up to be?