Sunday, 1 January 2017


Resolutions. Something so many of us across the globe bring in the New Year with and usually just as quickly as they are made, they can also be broken.  I am completely new to blogger and not experienced at writing much at all, so you may ask why I want to start a blog at all and why I feel the new year is the best time to properly do this.

Well… being a teenager in today’s world is hard and currently I’m ready to explode with words, questions and emotion. The internet at times can be a very dark place that people often hide away from but I know that the internet can also be full of positivity and inspiration and that’s what I want for us. All I ask is for a small corner of the internet where people feel they can come together and really relate and feel comfortable in a society made by us. Maybe I’ll never get any readers, maybe I’ll get more than I would ever expect, but if this blog creates a haven even if just for me, I will know I have achieved something for myself.

That why this year I have not chosen to start with resolutions I secretly know deep down I am never going to keep. As much I’d like to challenge myself, I know that resolutions such as ‘exercise more’ or ‘be healthy’ are not achievable for me. Either they are going to make me feel miserable about my body or I’ll fail and feel bad for breaking them, so this year I have decided to make different resolutions. I want to try and improve my happiness and not just the way I look or what I do. So here are my resolutions:

1.  Spend more time with the people that matter: Your family and friends won’t be around forever so make the most of the time you have with them.
2. Take more chances: To experience things out of my comfort zone. 
3. Write down when something good happens: So I learn to appreciate all the good things in my life.
4. Take more pictures: To capture memories and improve a skill. 
5. Smile more: Because we don’t have all the time in the world.
6.  Admit when you’re wrong and learn to apologise: This will improve your relationships with the ones around you and like I said, time isn’t endless. 
7. Make an effort to make others happy: Because why wouldn’t you want to see your loved ones smile. 
8. Dance more: Be happy in your own skin to do what you want and enjoy your ‘me’ time.

I challenge all of you to make a list of resolutions to improve your happiness. Focus on you and remember to keep going.
Love From xxxx

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